Give Stress and Anxiety the Boo(t)

Between the pandemic and the election, this is a stressful year. Still, let’s be grateful for small blessings, like Halloween falling on a weekend (finally!) and a pharmaceutical-free way to manage all that stress. We rounded up a few of KYND’s go-to strains and products if you need to give stress and anxiety the boo(t). See what we did there?

Ghost OG

Yes, the name is totally on point, but that’s not why Ghost OG made our list. This hybrid comes from OG Kush, and it couldn’t be more aptly titled. Effects are potent, stealthy, nothing over the top, but undeniably there. If you need nothing more to relax with a little side of euphoria, this is your strain. West Coast fans have long enjoyed Ghost OG for its ability to minimize pain, stress, depression and anxiety. But fair warning — dry mouth is part of the deal.

Heavy on the limonene, you’ll pick up strong citrus flavors and aromas, along with a noticeable earthy pine. It’s a good one, guys.

Kynd Tincture

Sublingual tinctures are ideal for banishing pain and improving mood, and KYND’s tincture is particularly effective. This proprietary formula includes MCT oil and limonene for better delivery, and the sublingual method makes it the fastest way to feel relief. Plus, it’s dead easy to self-titrate and micro dose, which is itself highly effective (and budget friendly!). Try it in THC, CBD, or a 2:1 CBD/THC variety, and kiss all that stress goodbye.

Kynd Balm

Sometimes, a little self care can go a long way, particularly since we tend to carry stress in different parts of the body. Massaging in a little KYND Balm is a great way to relieve pain in tender spots, and your skin will benefit too. Try it on chapped knuckles, on the temples for headaches, or on the abdomen for menstrual cramps.

One-Gram Cartridges

These carts are hands-down the best representations of KYND strains grown in-house. If you have a vape pen, our flavor blends on all in-house strains offer exceptional flavor. They’re made with cannabis-derived terpenes, so they taste true to the plant. Just the ticket when you need to unwind and relax. And a little tip? These vape pens are among the best value in the state, so don’t miss out if you see them in stock. They go quick!

Time to Feel Better

All four of these are good options, but there’s a lot out there. Consider talking to a budtender for a few recommendations. Be upfront about preferred methods of consumption and desired effects, and they’ll be able to help.

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