Haunted by Stress and Anxiety? There’s a Strain for That.

Forget the candy corn this October. Kynd Cannabis Company has not one but two seasonally on-point strains that will scare away any stress or anxiety haunting you. And it’s not just their names that make Ghost OG and B-Witched perfect for the spookiest time of year.

Ghost OG

This hybrid beauty comes from OG Kush, and it comes by its ghostly moniker honestly. Ghost OG is as potent as it is stealthy, with effects that are non-intrusive but undeniably there. Expect strong sensations of relaxation and mild euphoria with this one. A longtime favorite of West Coast patients, Ghost OG dramatically reduces pain and stress and positively impacts both depression and anxiety. Just watch out for the dry mouth.

With its heavy dose of limonene, Ghost OG is recognized by its strong citrus aroma and flavor, which are underpinned by earthy pine.


An enchanting cross between OGS Wizard’s Potion and Witches Weed, this bewitching little plant is earthy, citrusy and sweet. One wave of this magic, and poof – stress, anxiety, and nausea disappear, only to be replaced with feelings of euphoria, relaxation, happiness, and good ol’ hunger pangs. Be ready for dry eyes and dry mouth, and cue up the snacks for this enchanting strain.

Ask your favorite budtender about Kynd’s OG Ghost and B-Witched in flower and concentrates – perfect strains for the spookiest season of the year.