Here’s How Cannabis Helps You Focus

Hands up if you’ve ever used cannabis for the focus and motivation you need to hit the gym, finish a painting, or, say, write a blog post. While the research has yet to weigh in — as is often the case when it comes to cannabis — anecdotal evidence abounds. So while we can’t say exactly how cannabis helps you focus, we can make a pretty compelling argument that the inherent properties of this wonder plant open the door to serious productivity.

Understanding Motivation

To be focused or productive requires some level of motivation. And motivation itself is an emotion — by nature, it’s fleeting. That’s why good fitness habits are predicated on a routine. When motivation fails, and it will, you go to the gym anyway because that’s just what you do at this time on that day. But cannabis can prove itself a handy workaround if you’re feeling supremely unmotivated, or tired, or scattered, or not particularly creative.

Cannabis is linked to a few things that can amplify focus and productivity. There’s the creativity angle, to start. In 2011, Psychology Today shared a study about the ability of cannabis to create what’s known as psychotomimetic symptoms, which help us make connections between ideas that aren’t necessarily connected. That’s a pretty good definition of creativity!

Then there’s the idea that cannabis may actually be the thing that gives us space to focus more intensely or feel motivated because of its physical and emotional effects. By reducing anxiety and tension, cannabis may help lift writer’s block, for example. And by alleviating physical symptoms of pain and discomfort — a headache, cramps, that aching back or the nagging pain in your joints — you’re unburdened and free to focus on the task at hand.

Maybe the ritual itself of using cannabis, whatever your preferred method of consumption, lights the fire for you, getting you into the groove to get after it.

The Right Approach

Using cannabis not to relax and unwind, but to focus and get stuff done, starts with the right strain. Sativa strains are the gold standard when you need an energetic focus, and we humbly recommend our own Chemdawg, MTF and Sour Diesel. As always, there’s a bit of trial and error that’ll need to move through, so be aware that it may take some time to find what works for you. Keep in mind also that cannabis creates a highly personalized experience, and what works for one may not work for another. So ask a trusted budtender for a recommendation, and get ready to get stuff done.

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