How to Choose a Cannabis Strain for Focus

Dialing in your focus and concentration — the struggle can be real, right? Sometimes it’s hard to put your mind to the task at hand. But good news! Contrary to popular opinion, cannabis isn’t only for slackers and stoners. Actually, some cannabis strains can be exactly what you need to get things done. Here’s how to choose a cannabis strain for focus.

Choosing Wisely

As always, finding a strain that helps you focus is going to involve some trial and error. Some THC-dominant strains can help people dial in their focus, while others just end up feeling disoriented and distracted. CBD-dominant strains, on the other hand, with their limited levels of THC, can be a good starting point. The same can be true with balanced strains that offer equal amounts of the two main cannabinoids. Just be clear that you may need to experiment a little bit before you find a strain that does the trick. And with that, we present our recommendations!

Sour Diesel

Stimulating and uplifting, this sativa strain is a go-to for anyone who needs to get stuff done. This is relatively heavy on the THC, so the key to finding that energized buzz is taking it slow. Too much, and you’ll blow right past that happy focus stage to something a lot less productive.

Super Lemon Haze

This stimulating hybrid is loved the world over, and it’s not just that citrus flavor. Super Lemon Haze relaxes the body while simultaneously stimulating the mind, and that’s an amazing combo. Anecdotal evidence finds this strain useful for mental and physical stimulation, so consider giving it a whirl before hitting the books or the gym.


A sativa-dominant strain that hits fast, Chemdawg brings about a cerebral high that’s at once relaxing and productive. You’ll be hyper tuned in to your surroundings, so channel that focus and get after it!

Your favorite budtender can make more recommendations for strains and even consumption methods that will help you focus, so don’t be afraid to ask.

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