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How to Store Just About Every Kind of Cannabis Product

Proper storage can make or break your cannabis experience, and stashing your stash means understanding the unique needs of each product. Luckily, we’re making it easy with this guide. Here’s how to store just about every kind of cannabis product.

Cannabis Storage 101

If you’ve ever left a jar of flower open all weekend, only to find it’s become stale and flavorless, you know the heartache of wasting good stuff. Light, heat, cold, oxygen, and moisture can all wreak havoc, so save the heartache for your relationship, and follow these tips for proper storage, no matter what you’re consuming.

  • Edibles. There are myriad cannabis edibles on the market today, and their unique storage needs are going to vary. Some should be refrigerated, while others are fine in the cupboard. Make a point of checking the label, because some of these edibles aren’t a one-and-done treat. They have more than a single dose, and you’ll want to store them properly so you can enjoy another dose another time. The packaging should include expiration dates, refrigeration needs, and how long you have to enjoy a product after it’s been opened. If packaging isn’t resealable, make sure to put your edibles in an airtight zippered bag to keep them fresh.
  • Flower and pre-rolls. This is where things get serious. Proper cannabis storage can preserve your favorite flower and pre-rolls for an impressive six months or even longer. UV-blocking glass jars are a good investment if you like your flower to stay potent, and it’s important to regulate temperature too. Shoot for a dark, cool spot—somewhere between 60 to 75F. If you don’t already know, the fridge and freezer aren’t a good spot.
  • Concentrates. The range of cannabis concentrates is as varied as edibles, but these are pretty easy to store. Whether they’re sold to you in glass jars, paper-wrapped packagings, or those little plastic cases, make sure you’re keeping them in something airtight when you aren’t enjoying them. Again, keep these away from the light.
  • Vape carts. It’s important to store your carts properly not just to preserve them, but to make sure they’ll work when you need them. Like all your cannabis goods, keep them in a cool, dark spot and treat them with care to avoid leaks or clogs. Store your vape pen upright, and unscrew the cart when you aren’t using it.
  • Topicals. These cannabis-infused lotions, balms, salves and creams are the easiest to store. They’re made to go in the medicine cabinet or cupboard, and the ingredients have already been emulsified so they’re usually shelf stable. Still, you could melt your favorite cannabis topical if you aren’t careful, so keep it somewhere cool and dark.
  • Tinctures. Tinctures are just as shelf stable as topicals and can keep in the cupboard for up to three years. Again, cool and dark is the key to preservation.

The Best Tip of All

When you buy something from the dispensary, ask your budtender for any storage tips and tricks. They’ll steer you right!

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