Is Cannabis a Cure-All for Stress?

Stress is a more common than not for most people these days, and many of us go looking for ways to manage it. More people are looking to cannabis as an option, but before you dive in, it’s important to clarify – cannabis isn’t a cure-all for stress. But for some people, and in the right amounts, it can really help.

Identifying Stress

Fun fact – stress comes in all shapes and forms. There are positive and negative kinds of stress – think a new job or an exciting new relationship for the former, or something like major illness for the latter. Chronic stress is an ongoing, crushing thing that can wreak havoc physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Stress can creep in slowly, and it’s not always easy to pinpoint the cause. But if you’re regularly experiencing things like breakouts, headaches, chronic pain, frequent sickness, decreased energy, trouble sleeping, libido changes, changes in appetite and digestive issues, depression, shallow breathing and rapid heart rate, it’s worth considering whether stress is the culprit.

It’s also important to understand that stress and anxiety aren’t the same issue, despite sharing some of the same symptoms.  Unlike stress, anxiety isn’t specific to cause or situation.

Can Cannabis Help?

The best plan for tackling stress in your life is to take steps to reduce the causes of that stress. The thing is, that’s not always an option. And in that case, a low-dose approach to cannabis can be helpful in relaxing you, which may minimize the negative symptoms you’re feeling. But too much will likely exacerbate those symptoms, so it’s particularly important that you practice patience and experiment with a low dosage and build slowly. Allow plenty of time between dosages to assess how you’re feeling. If you notice your stress or anxiety ramping up, shoot for a lesser dosage next time. It’s also worth experimenting with different methods of consumption, since those can deliver different effects for different people.

Ask a budtender for strain recommendations if the goal is minimizing stress. And hang in there!

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