Jamie Cooper

Jamie Cooper

Music DJ
“I want to promote cannabis on many levels,” Jamie says, “Other than being a DJ, I was also a professional athlete, I have a college degree, I’ve traveled all over the world. I was the US national champ for freestyle and even during that time, I was a cannabis user.”
It’s admissions like this that poke holes in the fabric of so many long-held misconceptions about cannabis – it’s a gateway drug, it’s for troublemakers, it makes you lazy, it makes you dumb. None of that is true, and people like Jamie are brave enough to stand up and say so. “You can be a professional in every aspect of your life, and you can be a cannabis user.”



You might know her as DJ Miss Cooper, the former kayak champ turned professional DJ playing at shows and festivals all over Nevada and California. And while reading the room to lay out just the right beat is one of those innate things, preparing for these events takes a little time and work. And cannabis? Well, for Jamie, that’s proving to be both a creative boost and a natural pain reliever.

Between cannabis for race prep and recovery and his arduous training at an altitude of more than 6,000 feet, the fifty-year-old athlete is establishing himself as someone worth watching. And as an ardent supporter of the wonders of cannabis, he’s worth listening to as well.