Kynd Cannabis Drops Four New Strains

One of our greatest joys here at Kynd is creating amazing new hybrid strains. It’s a labor of love, with a lot of refining and tweaking and testing. But it’s worth all the work in the end, when we get to share the fruits of our labor. We’re thrilled to introduce Starburst, Hushbreath, 3P and Mr Widow. Let’s go into a bit of detail about them, shall we?


Cross Lemon Larry OG with Nebula, and you get Starburst, a mildly sativa-dominant hybrid that’s as funky as it is savory. This energizing strain is picture perfect for daytime use, but we should warn you – proceed with caution at the end of the day, or you’ll be too wired to sleep. The flavor is rich and earthy, and this strain a full terpene profile that’s especially heavy on the caryophyllene. Starburst is one of those hard-to-find strains, so if you’re lucky enough to find it at your favorite dispensary, don’t pass it by!


This classic strain comes courtesy of OG Kush Breath and Uncirculated OG. We love this hybrid for its consistency ability to promote serious relaxation after a long day – without locking you to the couch. Sometimes you just want to relax without sacrificing the ability to function, you know? Hushbreath has an earthy, musky, savory aroma, and it’s potent enough that you can smell it a mile away. It has a pleasing effect combination of mellow/uplifting, making it truly a delightful little strain.


Good things happen when you start with classics, and 3P is an excellent mix of two fan favorites – Pink Cookies and Triple OG, which boast stellar genetics themselves. 3p came to us via Exotic Genetics, a creative cultivator out of Washington. They released these seeds in 2017, so 3P really is a hidden gem these days. We love how this heady hybrid combines the best of its parents, with a slightly floral flavor and the classic GSC aroma people crave. Effects are pleasingly mellow.

MR Widow

MR OG is a Kynd staple and a West Coast favorite, so it’s hard to go wrong when you start here. We crossed MROG with the sativa-dominant classic, White Widow, making MR Widow ideal when you need the kind of pain relief that won’t slow you down. This hybrid is heavy and pungent with that highly desirable menthol aroma. Effects are just like MROG with a little mood elevating kick. Fans of OG strains will love MR Widow – we promise.

You can find flower for all four of these strains on shelves now. If you don’t see them stocked at your favorite dispensary, ask for them!