Kynd Cannabis Spotlight: AK 47 Cannabis Strain

The more you know about cannabis strains, the better equipped you are to choose the right one for your needs. To that end, we’re taking a look at all the Kynd Cannabis strains in a new spotlight series.

Kynd Cannabis Spotlight: AK 47

The name may be intimidating, but AK 47 is a mellow strain well suited for creative and social situations. Heavy on the sativa, this hybrid plant offers a long and steady cerebral impact that leaves you mentally focused and pleasantly creative.

Aroma & Flavor

Its scent is sour and earthy, but don’t be fooled. The AK 47 cannabis strain has surprisingly sweet floral notes that you have to taste to enjoy. This strain is as complex on flavors as it is on effects.


This mellow hybrid is a blend of Mexican, Thai, Afghani and Colombian cannabis varieties.


Those consuming the AK 47 cannabis strain can expect general feelings of happiness and relaxation. Medicinally, AK 47 is associated with reduced stress and depression and pain relief. It’s also effective against insomnia.

Drawbacks of AK 47 may include pronounced dry mouth, dry eyes and minor dizziness.


Kynd’s AK 47 cannabis strain is available in flower that’s been expertly grown, harvested, trimmed and cured for a premium experience. In Reno, you’ll find Kynd’s AK 47 at Mynt, Reno’s only downtown dispensary. Ask a Mynt budtender about Kynd’s AK 47 today.

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