We had the privilege of hosting Kristen Remington of KTVN News Channel 2 in Reno recently for a tour of our facilities. The result? A featured place in her Health Watch segment for a piece about CBD as a tool for recovery.

Kristen met two of our athlete ambassadors – Teal Stetson-Lee and David Barbano – to ask them about their use of CBD. Teal and David did us proud, speaking clearly and factually about the role of cannabis in their athletic endeavors and what it means to be a brand ambassador. Our own David Robison had a cameo as well, going into detail about endocannabinoid systems. Kristen wrapped up the piece with the input of local physicians, who took a politically correct route in recognizing their medicinal properties while also calling for more research.

Special thank you to our athletes and to Kristen for taking time to discuss CBD! This kind of opportunity simply didn’t exist ten years ago – or even five years ago – and it’s another sign of the changing tide. We’re committed to tackling the stigma and misinformation out there, and this is a huge step in the right direction.