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We had the very distinct pleasure of being featured on a recent episode of CannaCribs, a platform dedicated to elevating cannabis and growers through deep dives into the operations around the world. Each episode is a seed-to-sale experience that begins with genetics and moves through plant lifecycles into propagation, vegetation, flowering, curing, trimming, and packaging, before wrapping up with a local dispensary visit to buy the finished product. KYND was the star of season’s two eighth episode, and it was pretty cool.

The Show

We’re told we made it on the CannaCribs’ radar thanks to our award-winning grow and deep water culture hydroponics. We walked through our processes and showed off both the mother room and the propagation area, covering everything from the light nutrient regimen to pH, plant hardening prior to vegetation, and more. The CannaCribs team got a look at one of our 25 flower rooms, and we shared some insider info on maximizing yields with DWC and common culture trellis netting. Finally, we showed the crew our walk-in humidor, had a little hand-trimming contest and talked about our CO2 and BHO extraction techniques for all our products.

We sent the CannaCribs team to MYNT dispensary to pick up some KYND products, and that was a wrap! It was a great experience, and we love the CannaCribs mission. They’re out there exploring the future of cannabis cultivation, and we’re here for it. Big thanks for coming to town to check out our operation.

Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older.

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