KYND Strain Spotlight: Alien Sour Apple

We shared recently that we really put our heads down and got to work during the pandemic, with all kinds of fruit to show for our effort. Alien Sour Apple is one of them. If you’re a fan of Apple Fritter, allow us to introduce you to its sweet and sour sister strain.

Meet the Strain

The brainchild of one Obsoul33t, Alien Sour Apple is the offspring of the hugely-popular Sour Apple and Alien Tech strains. For a little background, urban legend has it that a member of the military brought home Alien Tech from Afghanistan, and whether or not that’s the case, its offspring is truly out of this world. Collectors and patients alike are crazy for the true Granny Smith-esque flavor and aroma. But watch out — this strain has a sour side. First you’re hit by the sweetness, and then the sour fruity apple notes come in guns a-blazing. Riding in the sidecar is a hint of earthy berry, noticeable when the flowers are broken apart. For those of you who love the visuals, Alien Sour Apple is characterized by long, spade-shaped flowers, which are crazy dense and bright neon green, with a smattering of fiery orange hairs and a thick, frosty coating of oversized, milky-white, crystal trichomes. Poetry, right?

So what can you expect with lineage like this? Plenty. Alien Sour Apple is an energizing, uplifting strain that pairs perfectly when you need to be creative or productive. Chalk up those delightful effects to a pretty impressive terpene profile. With myrcene, pinene, caryophyllene and linalool, it’s no wonder this is a buzzy, happy strain. Fair warning — it may leave you feeling a little too motivated if you indulge during the evening hours.

Look for this baby at MYNT Dispensary in Reno and The Dispensary in Reno, Las Vegas, and Henderson. And then tell us what you think!

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