KYND Strains Spotlight — Meet Aussie Blues, Donny Burger and Cement Shoes

Not to toot our own horn, but KYND has earned a bit of a reputation for our cultivating prowess — and we have the diehard fans to prove it. While 2020 was sticking it to the world at large, we were hard at work (fully masked, gloved and socially distanced, of course) growing all kinds of amazing new flower. Here’s a small sampling of the strains we grew in 2020 — meet Aussie Blues, Donny Burger and Cement Shoes.

G’Day, Mate

Is serious citrus an Australian thing? No idea, but this Aussie is all about it. The sativa-dominant strain is your typical sativa, bringing on a strong, uplifting, giggly, dare we even say psychedelic effect. It’s a great strain for feeling alert, so consider this a daytime go-to but avoid using it to help you crash at night. From a medicinal standpoint, it’s strong enough to relieve chronic pain. Aussie Blues is also an ideal sativa if you’re prone to anxiety.

Not That Donny

For fans of GMO, or any funky, heavy, rank strains, there’s a new Donny in town — and this one is extra funky. Donny Burger was bred by the team at Skunk House Genetics, and the best description would call it a refined, funkier version of GMO. It’s pretty much perfect for serious relaxation and to boost the ol’ appetite, but fair warning — it’s a little much for day time use.

H e a v y

Cement Shoes is a strong indica marijuana strain made by crossing Animal Cookies with OGKB and Wet Dream. And yeah — it’s so heavy, you’ll feel like you’re actually wearing cement shoes. That’s the perfect feeling when you need to unwind at night or any time you have no plans to go anywhere. This earthy, citrusy strain hits you with a full-body high, so make sure you have a comfy spot to land close by. Medicinal patients will love the anti-inflammatory benefits, but again — don’t plan on going out.

Look for these strains and other KYND faves at MYNT Dispensary and The Dispensary in Reno and the Vegas area. And then tell us what you think!

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