Let’s Talk Infused Pre-Rolls

We’ve written before about the bad rap that pre-rolls have as a category. But that’s slowly changing, and if our infused pre-rolls have anything to do with it, that’ll continue until pre-rolls are the industry’s darling product. If you’ve ever wondered how KYND makes it look so easy, let’s talk infused pre-rolls.

The KYND Way

Our infused pre-rolls are created in-house with premium flower — no shake, trim or lower quality flower allowed, ever. To that top-shelf flower, we blend strain-specific CO2 oil, which gives us room to create new strain mixes. Our cultivators oversee the homogenization process with an eagle eye — we want it blended perfectly to ensure that the pre-roll burns evenly and consistently. Our pre-rolls are then packed into hemp Raw Cones and sealed with care. 

We mix up new flavors all day long, and you can find our KYND blends all over Nevada. Lately, we’ve been turning out strain blends that include Tahoe Water, our Blackwater OG, and Tahoe OG — all of which are perfect for a day at the lake. We’re already dreaming of those long, lazy summer days, but seriously, our fine pre-rolls are ideal pretty much anywhere, anytime.

Our pre-rolls can be snuffed and saved if you want to indulge now and later, and they’re the perfect thing to pass around a group of experienced cannabis smokers for a social experience. Look for them next time you hit up the dispensary.

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