A Look at Cannabis-Infused Topicals and How They Work

Cannabis consumption has come a long way from joints and bongs, and cannabis-infused topicals are a perfect example. It’s a versatile mode of consumption that changes things for a lot of people by removing hurdles relating to safety, efficacy and accessibility. If you’re interested in learning more about cannabis-infused topicals, here’s what to know.

What are Cannabis-Infused Topicals?

Balms, oils and lotions infused with cannabis all qualify as topicals. These products can be applied to the skin, where they’re absorbed for localized pain and inflammation relief – usually without any kind of psychoactive effect (no head high). That’s what makes cannabis-infused topical a realistic option for a wider range of patients. In most cases, people can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the cerebral effects that are so synonymous with marijuana.

You can find a range of cannabis-infused products on the market today, from cooling menthol rubs to tingling warming balms. The Kynd Balm is an all-natural blend of luxurious butters and essential oils that works beautifully as a healing salve for skin, muscle and joint health issues. It’s available in a 2:1 CBD-CBD-A/THC-THCA variety.

kynd-balm-cannnabis-infused-topicalSo How Do Topicals Work?

As a transdermal method of delivery, cannabis-infused topicals bind to a network of receptors, known as CB2, that can be found all around the body. These receptors are activated through the body’s own naturally-occurring endocannabinoids or by the cannabis compounds THC, CBD, etc.

The cannabinoids in most topicals penetrate to the CB2 receptors, but don’t reach the bloodstream. That means that an infused topical with active THC will wouldn’t cause the kind of head high that comes from smoking or ingesting cannabis. Be clear, however, than transdermal patches are intended to reach the bloodstream.

Who Would Benefit from Using Cannabis-Infused Topicals?

Anyone suffering from localized pain and inflammation (bad elbows, wrists, or knees, for example), muscle soreness, and tension would find relief with a topical. And increasingly, evidence is pointing to relief from other maladies, including headaches, cramps, even itching and dermatitis.

If you’re turning to over-the-counter pain relievers more often than not, you might consider trying a cannabis-infused topical instead. Keep in mind that benefits will vary from one topical to the next, so share your symptoms with your bud tender and ask for a recommendation.



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