Meet Professional Cycling’s First Cannabis-Sponsored Athlete

Teal Stetson-Lee is a professional mountain biker and cyclocross racer, and these days, she’s tearing it up on and off the mountain. The girl is a trailblazer, and we aren’t talking about trails on the mountain. Right now, Teal is scaling another mountain, as the first professional cyclist to partner with a cannabis company.

Spoiler. It’s this cannabis company.

“I’m taking a significant risk and jumping into controversial territory,” Teal writes on her blog. And, well, that’s an understatement.

The Cannabis Partnership

teal-stetson-lee-athlete-ambassador-kynd-cannabisBy partnering with Kynd, Teal is joining the ranks an elite few. She’s now part of a group of athletes from sports like ultramarathon running and the UFC, athletes who are out-and-proud cannabis advocates. It’s a stance that’s gaining momentum, with former NFL and NBA pros also voicing their support.

But let’s be real. The risks don’t line up in quite the same way when you’ve played your game and made your money.

“That is exactly the reason why I feel the need to take this stance,” writes Teal, “while I am still in the prime of my competitive professional career.”

It’s an admirable position, and it’s one Teal isn’t taking lightly. She’s crystal clear on the fact that she’s in a position to offer insight and education into a controversial topic, and frankly, she’s the perfect ambassador for something like this.

“I’m passionate about the messaging,” Teal says, “and I believe in the products. As a woman, I’m in a unique position in two male-dominated industries to be an advocate for women to, unapologetically, take risks and stand up for what they believe. It is risky to be involved with an industry that is still not federally legal… I knew it was worth it to take the risk because, plain and simple, I’m living my truth. We can’t be paralyzed by our fear of what others will think or feel.  I’m a part of the revolution.”

We told you she was perfect!

Kynd Athlete Ambassador – The First of Her Kind

S0 what does it mean to Kynd’s athlete ambassador?

“It’s an incredible honor and responsibility,” Teal says simply. “The stigmas of cannabis use are still entrenched in the sports world and in the cycling industry, most professional cycling disciplines still have THC listed on the banned substance list. I have the opportunity to use my platform to share a new, fresh perspective on cannabis and the benefits for athletes, and to shed some light on the long history of hypocrisy with our acceptance of alcohol and prescription drugs.”

This is the beginning of something huge, and we’re working hard to give it the platform it deserves. Stay tuned, because big things are happening.