Meet The Cannabis Connoisseur

With the rise of legal cannabis markets in states across the country, it’s no surprise that consumers are becoming increasingly specific about their expectations. And for a particularly sophisticated segment of the market, the bar is set high. Chalk it up to education and experience, but the cannabis connoisseur is particular about everything from aroma and flavor to longevity and effect. Here’s what sets this elevated cannabis consumer apart, and why the industry is doing everything it can to exceed expectations.

kynd-cannabis-co-cannabis-connoisseurThe Inevitable Rise

From wine to liquor, beer to cigars, there are casual partakers and then there are serious indulgers. It’s the latter group that evaluates, compares and pays a premium for truly exceptional products. And that’s a benefit for the industry as a whole. As cultivators strive to set their products apart from the pack, they continue to fine-tune their craft. The result is vastly superior products, and a market filled with consumers who are looking for a true experience. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship, with those consumer expectations driving cultivators to keep pushing the bar when it comes to sky-high standards and diverse products.

So, what makes someone a cannabis connoisseur? Take a look at your favorite budtender, and you’re likely beholding a prime example. These are individuals who possess a great deal of expertise and experience about cannabis. But you don’t have to work in the industry to be considered a connoisseur. They’re the ones who see the value in educating themselves about cultivation practices and testing standards. They’re the people diligently comparing the benefits and drawbacks of various consumption methods. They’re the ones waxing poetic about the aroma and flavor of their favorite strains. And they’re the people who are lining up for the kinds of products that will provide a truly exceptional experience.

Experience Level: Expert

The fast-moving cannabis concentrates segment is tailor-made for this group. And you don’t need to be the proud owner of a dab rig to own the connoisseur title. Infused pre-rolls or a premium vape (ahem, might we suggest KYND’s very own Pure Pen?) are both fair game, as is a potent strain. The key is understanding what you like and which product or consumption method is going to bring about the specific effects you’re after. A true connoisseur is knowledgeable, experienced, and willing to experiment for the sake of understanding. Another dead giveaway? A high tolerance level and the know-how to intelligently discuss everything from terpenes and strains to delivery methods and effects. Really, the cannabis connoisseur is a person worth knowing!

In part two of this discussion, we’re tackling three must-try products for the cannabis connoisseur. Spoiler – one of them is as appropriate for the novice cannabis enthusiast as it is for the expert. Intrigued? Come back next week to read and learn.

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