Migraines May Be No Match for Cannabis

We’ve written about cannabis as a treatment for migraine headaches before, and a new study out of the University of New Mexico further supports its validity. The report, “Alleviative effects of cannabis flower on migraine and headache,” outlines how researchers found more than nine out of ten migraine patients reported symptom relief from inhaled cannabis. If you’ve ever had a migraine, you know that’s a big deal.

The Study

Just under 700 participants with frequent migraines were involved in the study, which tracked the effects of inhaled cannabis on their symptoms over 32 months. The cannabis was self administered at home, with participants reporting on their use and how it impacted their migraine symptoms through a smartphone app. It was a simple zero-to-ten pain scale that participants measured before and right about their cannabis use.

Within two hours, 94% of participants found symptom relief. And those using cannabis with a THC content of 10% or more reported the greatest resolution. Interestingly, men seemed to find more relief than women, as did people who were younger compared to older participants.

The researchers concluded that whole dried cannabis flower was the most effective for migraine pain, but noted that efficacy was dependent on things like strain characteristics, combustion methods, and individual patient demographics.

Time for a Change

Like many of us, the researchers are pushing for a change in federal cannabis policy to allow for more studies like this. In the meantime, we’re going to share this good news to everyone who needs it.

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