Moms and Cannabis – Ditching the Stigma

Question – why does society encourage the cliche of boozy moms, but collectively clutch pearls when a mom’s chosen method of relaxation involves cannabis? Clearly, the current federal classification of cannabis isn’t helping, but why does this hypocrisy still stand in states that have legalized cannabis medically and recreationally?

Whatever the reason, one thing is true. As cannabis gradually becomes socially acceptable, more and more mothers are finding relief from everything from menstrual cramps to anxiety. And they’re doing it with cannabis. Because we get it – motherhood is hard. But instead of a glass (or three) of your go-to chardonnay, here’s how cannabis might be a smarter option.


Fun fact! Moms, especially stay-at-home moms, are more likely than other people to live with depression, sadness, and anger. Managing this with booze is problematic because of alcohol’s interaction with specific neurotransmitters.

Enter cannabis, which has been linked with reducing symptoms of clinical depression and even some anxiety disorders.

Lack of Focus & Energy

The stoner stereotype is slowly losings its stronghold, as people begin learning more about the benefits of cannabis. Its ability to reduce anxiety makes it easier to focus and connect, and that’s true for moms and their children. And then there the energizing side effects. Not all cannabis strains lock you to the sofa, and people find that they’re more productive after a bit of cannabis.

Headaches & General Pain

Kids are loud, and moms get headaches. Typical painkillers like acetaminophen and ibuprofen do the trick, but they’re tough on the body. Cannabis is a natural alternative for headache relief – and it won’t gnaw holes in the lining of your stomach.

Responsible Use Matters

Whether it’s a glass of wine or a CBD-sublingual, medicating should always be done responsibly. Cannabis products, just like alcohol, are not for use by anyone under the age of 21 (with the exception of minors in possession of valid medical cards). Doing what you can to model appropriate behavior and having honest discussions with your kids about cannabis is the best way to show them responsible consumption.

Handy Resources

As moms, or parents in general, begin navigating the world of cannabis and parenting, knowing that they aren’t alone is important. Check out Splimm, “a pot and parenting newsletter,” and “the premier media outlet for families whose lives have been enhanced by cannabis.” Find a reputable dispensary, and be direct about your current situation and what you’re looking for in a cannabis product. Budtenders are highly trained and should be able to make recommendations for products that will suit your needs.

The trick is in remembering that motherhood doesn’t, by definition, preclude the use of cannabis. That attitude deserves to change, and it will likely be a slow transition. But ditching wine o’clock for something that actually, truly benefits people in so many ways? We’re here for it.

Stay tuned for more on the motherhood and cannabis topic as the month continues.