One, Two, Tea — Sit and Relax with this Easy Infused Recipe

Between the tail end of the flu season and the unsettling coronavirus pandemic, there are compelling reasons to spend more time at home. And as the idea of social distancing gains traction, well, you may want to put this recipe to good use. Cannabis-infused tea is comfort cannabis — relaxing, soothing, and rewarding.

The Process

Cannabis-infused tea is straightforward. You’ll need your favorite cannabis flower, your favorite tea (loose or bagged), and whatever you like to mix in — think milk and sugar, honey, or lemon. This personal preference extends to whether or not you choose to take time for decarboxylation, which is the process of heating the cannabis to a specific temperature to activate the THC. If you’re looking for a potent experience, don’t skip this step. Leafly has a great tutorial with three methods of decarbing. And keep in mind that for ultimate absorption, THC needs fat for binding. If you’re shooting for noticeable relaxation, make sure to enjoy your tea with cream or a bit of coconut oil.

The beauty of cannabis tea is that any tea blend will work, from soothing chamomile to chai to a classic English Breakfast. Grind your cannabis flower to a crumbly-bordering-on-fine texture. This will go into the tea infuser with the tea itself. Steep in teapot with freshly boiled water for seven to eight minutes. Then you can pour a cup and serve it up however you like, based on your flavor and effect preferences.

The Effect

Depending on the flower you choose and whether or not you go for the decarb process, your cannabis-infused tea will offer results ranging from mildly soothing to intensely relaxing. It’s an entirely different experience from other consumption methods, which makes it quite the stand out. Make your cannabis-infused tea so you can sip, savor, and enjoy.

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