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Milk Chocolate

Product Overview

Milk Chocolate

You’re about to enjoy the handcrafted result of Kynd Cannabis Company’s collaboration with an artisanal chocolatier. Lucky you – it’s the most delicious way to unwind.

Handcrafted in small batches, our creamy milk chocolate bar is smooth, sweet and expertly infused with top-shelf cannabis oil. Expect effects to come on gradually for a longer-lasting result.

Directions: Enjoy one square of chocolate. Wait at least 45 minutes before increase dose (based on personal tolerance).

Premium Ingredients: Sugar, pure cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa beans, emulsifier (soya lecithin), pure cannabis oil extracted via supercritical CO2

Allergen Warning: milk, eggs

This premium edible is handcrafted in a facility that also uses coconut, wheat, dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, and eggs.

Introducing Kynd Edibles, the sweet result of Kynd Cannabis Company’s collaboration with a handpicked northern Nevadan chocolatier. Kynd’s flowers bear the hallmark of cannabis’ relaxing and restorative properties, and the company has been tailoring high-potency strains for over a decade. Now, Kynd’s CBD and THC-dominant strains are expertly infused into gourmet local chocolate – the perfect, most enjoyable method of relaxing for those who prefer ingestion.

Offered in both dark chocolate with sea salt and milk chocolate, Kynd Edibles are available in Hybrid varieties:

  • 10 Piece Pack: 10 mg THC
  • 10 Piece Pack: 30 mg CBD
  • 1 Piece: 10 mg THC
  • 1 Piece: 30 mg CBD

All 10 piece packs are individually packaged into 10 single chocolate pieces. Those indulging can expect effects to come on gradually for relaxing, longer-lasting results.

As with all infused edibles, it’s important to follow dosage recommendations. Enjoy one square of chocolate and wait at least 45 minutes before increasing the dose.