Real Talk — Cannabis in the Bedroom

It’s February, a month when the thoughts of (some) lovers turn to Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re on board for this Hallmark holiday or not, you may have wondered whether cannabis makes a thoughtful gift (yes) and whether it’s the kind of gift that gives back — in the bedroom. Let’s find out!

What Research Tells Us

What we know about cannabis for enhancing sex life is, as always, limited and actually somewhat contradictory. That’s likely because much of the research we do have is based on self-reported surveys, which presents its own issues. Not only are researchers dependent on participants to answer truthfully, studies like this only show correlation. Plus, these studies were all relatively small. Then there’s the issue of what constitutes good sex, and everyone has their own opinion about that.

All of this means that a lot of what we know about cannabis for sex is pretty theoretical and anecdotal, but hey, still worth trying out!

First things first — we can all probably agree that good sex starts when we’re feeling good. And feeling good is usually some version of feeling relaxed. Things like anxiety, stress and tension are serious mood killers, introducing distractions and worries that pull you right out of the moment. A little cannabis can help relax you mentally and physically, especially if you’re using a strain high in limonene and myrcene. Both terpenes are known for their anti-anxiety and anti-depressive effects.

A high-CBD strain in particular has its own benefits. CBD can enhance a neurotransmitter called anandamide, which is closely linked to oxytocin — the “cuddle” hormone. This kind of stimulation of our neurotransmitters and endorphins can be a game changer between the sheets.

Cannabis plays another role in the bedroom. Our reproductive organs are filled with cannabinoid receptors, and cannabis can increase blood flow to sexual tissues and also boost sensitivity levels. That’s truly excellent news, right?

A Few Tips

All of this sounds good, but heed our advice. If you’re new to cannabis and specifically new to cannabis before a little action, do yourself favor and make your first time a solo experience. That way, you’ll know how you personally react.

Edibles are often promoted as a good option for this kind of thing — maybe because you can share them — but this method of consumption isn’t ideal. There’s too much wiggle room in terms of effect onset. Play it safe and opt for a topical that’s designed for direct application to the, ahem, area, or one you can use for a relaxing message. Vaping is another great option, since you’ll have more control over dosage and when you’ll start feeling effects. 

There’s also something to be said for the shared experience of consumption. Sharing a pre-roll can be similar to having a glass of wine together — it’s a nice way to wind down as a couple and set the mood. This Valentine’s Day, we can recommend an indica for a mellow night together, a hybrid if you’re starting things off with a meal, or a sativa if you’re planning a romantic evening stroll before moving the fun to the bedroom.

The big takeaway? We don’t really know why or how cannabis enhance sex, or even if it really does. Still, odds are good that you’ll have fun exploring that for yourself.

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