Real Talk – Synthetic Cannabis is Bad News

Last week, the focus around here was on clean weed – the stuff that’s been tested in accordance with stringent state regulations to ensure that you’re getting pure, consistent products every time you shop at a Nevada dispensary. As it happens, the folks at our favorite downtown Reno dispensary, Mynt, recently published a post about the dangers of synthetic cannabis, which is kind of the opposite of clean weed. We loved their information so much, we had to take that idea and run with it a bit.

Synthetic Cannabis – Say What?

It goes by K2 or Spice, and it’s actually something you can pick up at the gas station in some places, labeled under the innocent tag “herbal blend.” But what’s really in this stuff? It’s not cannabis. According to Mynt, the leafy greens are “sprayed with a bunch of worrisome, man-made chemicals that are designed to trigger the same cell receptors – CB1 and CB2 – to which THC binds.” And it gets worse. “The compounds of synthetic cannabis… are not only structurally different than true cannabis, but even from each other.”

The post breaks down some of the startling risks people take when they consume synthetic cannabis – everything from heart attacks, seizures and internal bleeding to death. And if that makes you wonder why on earth anyone would touch this stuff with a ten-foot pole, Mynt’s post explains that too, pointing to “promises that synthetic cannabis is safe, natural, and won’t show up on standard drug tests.”

The Smartest Option

There is only one way to know the products you’re consuming are safe. Buy products from recognized cultivators at a reputable dispensary. Here in Nevada, everyone benefits from the regulations put in place – they ensure that every product offered in a cannabis dispensary is clean, safe and consistent.

Check out the Mynt post right here, and follow their advice to start asking for lab results on cannabis products you buy. It’s state law to have thast information available, so take advantage of it.