Something Different for Mom this Mother’s Day

Being a mother is one of those amazing experiences that are at once incredibly precious and unbelievably hard. And yes, Mother’s Day is one of those Hallmark holidays, but let’s be clear – all moms deserve at least one day of recognition and gratitude every year. Take her to breakfast, send flowers or chocolates, spring for a massage or spa day, or consider gifting her with an alternative to more mainstream stress-busters. Because motherhood may be magical, but it’s one stressful job. And goodies like these may help.

The Best Cannabis Products for Mom

Your mom deserves a little TLC, and times, they are a-changing. Last year, we wrote a post about the laughable hypocrisy of a society that has no issues with boozy moms – you’ve seen those lame mommy’s juice memes, right? – but cannot even begin to handle the idea that a responsible mother might use cannabis in any form. Twelve months on, we’re seeing a bit of progress, thanks to blossoming cannabis-friendly parenting blogs and well-researched articles in mainstream news. The truth is, more and more people are learning the truth about the benefits of cannabis as an alternative to pharmaceuticals for stress, anxiety, and physical pain. And as more states begin legalizing both medicinal and recreational use, the tide is turning. If your mom is on board, or at least open to trying something new, here’s what we recommend.

Kynd Tincture

Our fast-acting sublingual concentrate comes in a few different varieties – 100mg THC, 300 mg CBD/12 mg THC, and 200 mg/100mg THC (test results can vary, so ask a budtender for recommendations). Mom will love this super fast, super discreet, and super precise method of dosing for nixing headaches, menstrual cramps, that nagging low back pain, or just for relaxing and keeping anxiety and inflammation at bay. And here’s a tip – tell your mom to add a bit to her nightly cup of team to enjoy a great night’s sleep.

Kynd Balm

We talk this product up all the time because it’s such a workhorse product. Soothing and all natural, this healing salve can be used to improve skin, joint, and muscle health. Your mom can use it after hiking to soothe those tired muscles, on throbbing joints, or anywhere she needs a little TLC.

Infused Chocolate

Our gourmet chocolate bars are handcrafted in small batches before being expertly infused with premium cannabis oil. Show your mom how to whip up a gourmet smoothie with a square or two – it makes for a relaxing medicated breakfast or mid-day pick-me-up. A piece before bed can also be ideal for winding down.

Don’t Forget

It can be intimidating to try cannabis products for the first time. If your mom is nervous about indulging, be patient and understanding. Explaining the benefits of cannabis and how it can help specific symptoms or conditions can go a long way. And if that’s out of your wheelhouse, let us suggest all of the great content here on our blog or a visit to your favorite dispensary for a chat with an experience budtender.