Strain Spotlight — Mr. Nasty

Nothing brings the KYND team more joy than germinating seeds, finding amazing strains, and Mr. Nasty is no exception. This is a newer strain for us, and guys — it’s a good one. In today’s strain spotlight, we’re highlighting all the things that make Mr. Nasty so rad.

Genetics & Profile

Bred by the expert team at Exotic Genetix, Mr. Nasty is a hybrid strain that comes to us courtesy of GMO and Greasemonkey. For all you cannabis nerds out there, this strain is moderately sized in the vegetative cycle and shoots up to four times that size in the flower cycle. To anyone familiar with the growth patterns of GMO, this plant has it all — large, tall branches of thick buds from top to bottom. The finished flower has dense, trichome-filled buds packed full of flavorful terpenes that are seriously mouthwatering, and potent to boot! Batches regularly test over 30%, and tend to fly off shelves. There is no surprise that Mr. Nasty, and all of our Exotic Genetix strains, perform so well. Exotic Mike has years of experience breeding and selecting the best genetics, and it definitely shows. Every strain, from our 3P to Slapz and more, grows beautiful, potent, and large flowers, and we love being able to offer them!

Mr. Nasty is heavy on the d-Limonene and beta-Caryophyllene, and it’s known for a funky/sweet/savory mix of flavors and aromas — there’s some sweet garlic going on, a little salami, and noticeable gas undertones. This is a heavy hitter strain, so expect serious couch lock and red eye with those ultra relaxing effects.

We just cut down two batches of Mr. Nasty, so keep your eyes peeled! It should be on dispensary shelves soon.

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