The Only Way to Improve Mac N Cheese is With this Cannabis Infusion

It’s fall, y’all! Or at least, it’s close. Days here in northern Nevada are still hot, but the nights are definitely getting cool. We’re ready for sweaters, cozy blankets, Halloween costumes, and all those fall flavors, which is why we’re bringing you this cannabis-infused smoked mac n cheese recipe from the good folks at Pot Guide. Let’s be honest—the only way to improve mac n cheese is with a cannabis infusion, right? Read more


Two Cannabis-Infused Recipes You Need This Summer

We’re all-in on summer this year, and what better way to enjoy the heat than with that classic summer delight – the popsicle? Actually, there is a better way, and we’ve found it. Read on an infused popsicle recipe and the kitchen staple you’ll be making allll summer long (spoiler – it’s infused simple syrup). Read more


You Need this Cannabis-Infused Pesto in Your Life

It’s spring, and we’re jonesing for some sunny days and time outside. And since all that fresh air is going to make us hungry, we’re also looking for fresh spring recipes – infused, of course! We did a little digging for a quick, easy, amazing cannabis-infused recipe, and we’re proud to bring you this one courtesy of the 420 Foodie Club. Trust us – you need this cannabis-infused pesto in your life. Read more


Warm Up and De-Stress with these Cannabis-Infused Winter Beverages

Move over, hot chocolate. Take a seat, hot tea (unless it’s this one). In 2020, we could all use a beverage that warms us up and soothes the low-grade anxiety and tension that stem from life during a pandemic. Fortunately, we found two of them. Pick one, make it, and then sip to warm up and de-stress with a cannabis-infused winter beverage. Read more


Cannabis-Infused Honey — The Perfect Sweetener

Cannabis infusions are so much fun, and this one in particular is pretty sweet. Cannabis-infused honey is an excellent sweetener than works beautifully mixed into muffins, smoothies, and tea, or drizzled over cheese and nuts. Plus, it’s a snap to make. Here’s how to whip up some cannabis-infused honey. Read more


We’re Ready for Fall with these Cannabis-Infused Pumpkin Muffins

Can we all agree that 2020 has been a weird year? The sooner we get through it, the better. And now that it’s officially September, we’re more than ready to bring on a new season. Nothing says fall like pumpkin-spice everything, so we’re kicking things off with a cannabis-infused pumpkin muffin recipe we found over at The Cannabis Spatula. And guys — it’s a good one. Read more


Classic Summer Recipes — Supercharged with Cannabis

What’s summer without a tall glass of freshly-squeezed lemonade or an ooey, gooey s’more? If the kid in you loves these summer treats, we’re sharing recipes that grown-up you will adore. That’s because — you guessed it — these classic summer recipes are supercharged with cannabis. That makes them totally off limits to any youngsters out there, so please prepare and enjoy these responsibly. Read more


Why Coffee and CBD are a Perfect Pair

What do you get when you take the energizing, buzzy boost of your favorite morning java with a side of cannabidiol, or as we all know it, CBD? Magic. You get magic. Caffeine and CBD go together like peanut butter and jelly — if PB&J had pain-relieving, anxiety-calming, seizure-reducing properties. Here’s why the two compounds play together so nicely. Read more


Why Cannabutter is the Secret Ingredient Your Food Needs

We love sharing recipes around these parts, and cannabutter tends to make an appearance in them. That’s because it’s a wonderfully versatile ingredient that can enhance any dish calling for butter. The key, of course, is understanding how to properly prepare cannabutter. Here’s how to do that, and why cannabutter is the secret ingredient your food needs. Read more


Infused Guacamole for a Little Extra this Cinco De Mayo

Self-isolation or not, it’s Cinco de Mayo! It’s a day to celebrate Mexican food, culture, and heritage, even if you’re doing all that celebrating at home. If you’re whipping up some fresh guacamole to go with those margaritas or carne asada tacos, we’re sharing a recipe to kick things up. This infused guacamole is a little extra — in the best way. Read more