Cannabis and Lennox-Gastaut – A Kynd Review

Twelve years ago, Tony Alvarez and his wife welcomed a beautiful baby boy. Like many new parents, they celebrated their blessings and looked forward to milestones like school performances, Little League games, weekend barbecues, and family time. But within just a few months of their son’s birth, he was diagnosed with two syndromes that affected his cognitive function. At age seven, he was diagnosed again, this time with an epilepsy disorder called Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, which appears in childhood and presents with random seizures. It was the beginning of a long road of prescription medications that would prove to be as damaging in side effects as they were mixed in success. Read more

Elevate Nevada Magazine Review: THE ESSENTIAL VAPE GUIDE

As a strain, everything about the Sativa-dominate MTF is big and strong—giant earthy, piney, fruitiness with a long-lasting body high. It tastes like a run through the forest on a crisp autumn day or a spicy Mexican hot chocolate with just enough chili powder to ignite all the senses. At a ratio of 58.71% THC to .2% CBD, MTF gives a steady euphoric rise, sustained stress relief and energy, and increased mental clarity.


Elevate Nevada Product Review: A LITTLE DAB’LL DO YA

It seems as if right now everyone is talking about dabs — highly concentrated extracted doses of cannabis inhaled from an intimidating-looking glass device known as a rig. Utilizing a super-potent dab, extracted by either CO2 or butane, reduces the need and time that goes into smoking flower or rolling a joint. Terms for these concentrates—referring to their consistencies—include everything from live resin, cake batter and budder to shatter, crumble or oil, with new ones popping up all the time.


Vegas Cannabis Magazine Product Review: Fast Acting Sublingual CBD Tincture by Kynd

Fast Acting Sublingual CBD Tincture contains 1.72% of CBD and only 0.11% of THC per bottle. Kynd’s CBD tincture is non-psychoactive but very effective at relieving pain. Just a ½ of a dropperful under the tongue effectively reduces anxiety and calms your mind.

Ringo's Gift Kynd

Vegas Cannabis Magazine Product Review: LA OG Ringos Gift #4 by Kynd

I’m all about any hash cocktail that contains CBD. Cannabidiol (CBD) enhances the taste of any dab when added to any THC concentrate. Kynd mixed up a sedative, LA OG sap with a high CBD oil to deliver one of the tastiest concentrates available in Nevada today.

Gorilla Glue Kynd

Vegas Cannabis Magazine Product Review: Gorilla Glue #4 Sap by Kynd

Gorilla Glue #4 Sap is perfect for a little somethin’ somethin’ on top of your joints. Smear it on like a condiment to hike up the THC levels.

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Video Strain Review: LA OG (Kynd)

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Video Strain Review: Gorilla Glue #4 (Kynd)

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