Kynd Vape Pen Review

Message: I recently visited Las Vegas NV and found myself in Essence Dispensary. Bud Tenders Ricki and Rex were awesome in providing a quality description of your product so I bought the disposable vape pen that lights up in blue on one end when you smoke it. It was so great that the next day I bout MTF vape pen….WOW!!!! What a mind blower! You have made me a permanent fan! … I have been puffing on flower for a long time and tried other devices but I am mesmerized with your vape pen.



Sour Diesel Review

An update on my last SD review …. This has become a fast favorite for daytime medicating – as I had said in my last review of sour D, the taste isn’t over powering, it’s JUST RIGHT A solid 5 another winner by Kynd!


KYND CBD Tincture Review

I suffer from severe neuropathy from a spinal cord infection. It presents with such unbearable pain that sometimes I cant even get out of bed. After trying everything in the book from juicing to turmeric shakes and beyond I am having great results with CBD Only tincture. It helps relieve the feeling I often have like a mild flu. It relaxes me and helps me go with the pain. I read lots of literature on neuropathy and have never heard mention of this as a form of relief. I would love to spread this news somehow. Thank you for providing such a wonderful product.

Barbara Manetta

Critical Kush Review

This batch is by : Kynd ( Tahoe Reno Botanical ) THC-A 24.7 % THC. 22.2 % CBD. 0.09 % Myrcene- 0.75 %. Limonene – 0.08 % Bisabolol 1.35 % Nice big buds – good smell – sugary Taste is kinda nothing special – But it is a good nighttime medicine . A few bowls…. and I’m ready for some sleep Buzz kicks in pretty quick ….


Ghost OG Review

What I’m reviewing is an Oil for a pen . This is by Kynd and it’s a mix of ( Rin ) Ringo’s Gift & ( Gok) Ghost OG The test results : THC 45.6 %. 250 mg. CBD 21.01 %. 115 mg. I like to have a pen with me , if I’m out and about – This is a nice daytime mixture –


LA OG Review

Larry OG WAX and LIVE RESIN are absolute Killer! I enjoyed the flower and reviewed it here (gave it a 4). The wax came in at only a tad under 60% THC, which is a little low for concentrates … However, even small dabs are very potent. The wax I got was from Kynd and the price was relatively good. Taste was excellent and a little sweet. Smoke was easy and mellow, using an enail at 600D F. I still enjoy flower, but concentrates are so much more INTENSE, convenient, as it turns out, cost effective, once you get set up…


Kynd Balm

I have used Kynd balm for over a year to reduce inflammation. I golf a lot and sometimes my lower back becomes inflamed. Usually one application of this balm removes the inflammation and discomfort. About six weeks ago, I was trimming a tree and had to use the bed of my pickup to reach the limb I wanted to cut. When I was done a jumped down to the ground. Well, in 2004, I had total knee replacement on my right knee. Later that day,, my right knee began to swell and ache on the left side. By bedtime I could hardly walk and the swelling went to about a half inch on the inside of my knee. Before going to bed I applied the balm to the swelling. When I awoke the next day, I could walk and had a little discomfort. By noon, the swelling and pain had subsided..