The Highs & Lows of Infused Pre-Rolls

Ah, the joint. It’s an iconic cannabis symbol, but the nation’s rapidly expanding legal cannabis markets are changing things up a bit. Now more than ever, consumers and patients have choices when it comes to cannabis consumption. And if rolling a joint has never been your thing, you’re in luck. The newly-coined pre-roll offers all of the things you like about joints, without the work. But that’s just the beginning. Because there are pre-rolls, and then there are infused pre-rolls.

A Bit of Background

kynd-cannabis-pre-rollsBoth regular and infused pre-rolls are accessible, inexpensive, and great for sharing. The product category as a whole has had its share of hurdles, thanks to more than a few manufacturers churning out low-quality pre-rolls made with shake or trim. But there are exceptions. KYND, of course, is committed to crafting premium cannabis products, which is why all of our pre-rolls are rolled individually and weighed for consistency and reliability. They’re rolled with natural, unrefined RAW cones before being heat-sealed for a fresh, flavorful product. Without heat sealing, the surface area of that ground cannabis is quick to oxidize and dry out. And that paves the way for effects that are at once harsh yet weak, which is no fun for anyone.

Regular vs Infused Pre-Rolls

The difference is likely what you imagine – infused pre-rolls are kicked-up versions of regular pre-rolls. Here at KYND, we mix same-strain CO2 oil thoroughly and evenly with premium flower for a product that’s significantly more potent.

Infused pre-rolls are designed specifically for the more experienced cannabis user. A good rule of thumb even for the connoisseur is to start slowly so you can gauge your tolerance. Just to play it completely safe, KYND also recommends that new cannabis users avoid our infused pre-rolls altogether until they’re a little more experienced and understand how they’re personally affected.

You can find infused pre-rolls in our most popular strains – both CBD and THC blends. Plus, we add CBD oil to our THC flower strains for a bonus healing perk.

Choosing a Pre-Roll

Regular pre-rolls are one of those promotional items tossed in when you buy other products at dispensaries. But if you’re actively looking for something to try, infused or otherwise, ask a budtender for a recommendation. If you’re willing to sacrifice a pre-roll for research purposes, slice it open and take a close look at what’s inside. Ideally, you’ll see freshly ground nugs and lots of aroma. You can fire it up and evaluate the experience. If there are strong plant flavors or you end up stinking like a campfire, you’re likely puffing on trim and you should look for another brand. We’ll be the first to recommend KYND!

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