The Running World has a New Cannabis-Sponsored Athlete

Competitive running – and cannabis? It may seem a little counter-intuitive at first glance, but David Barbano is living proof that there’s a powerful connection.

The South Lake Tahoe resident and cannabis activist is a short-distance runner with a wildly impressive record. After jumping into his very first race in 2012 with zero training – a grueling seven miler with a 3000-foot vertical climb – David was physically spent. And mentally hooked.

Within two weeks, he was racing again, winning his division at the Kokanee Trail Race 5k. It’s something he’s repeated ever since, with back-to-back races just about every month. In 2017, he had seven wins alone, and he hasn’t been off the podium in about a year.

So what’s his secret? Besides training at an altitude of more than 6,000 feet, David’s an outspoken, passionate proponent of cannabis.

“I’m a big CBD fan,” he says. He uses it for focus, joint pain, and inflammation. “It’s not a performance enhancer,” David explains. “It’s a way for me to prepare and recover.”

Between his personal family history – which includes a dependence on opiates – and his own experiences with the benefits of cannabis to his training, David is working tirelessly to change the misconception that anyone using cannabis is just looking to get high.

“There’s so much more to it than that,” he says.

It was that kind of outspoken activism that got our attention. David was committed to speaking the truth, with no reward or profit or benefit beyond the satisfaction of speaking his mind. Since he began racing, he’s been posting about the most effective products, his personal experiences, and tagging brands he personally recommends – just because he hopes it will help someone else.

That kind of conviction really resonates with us. And long story short, we’re pleased to announce that David is formally on board as the newest Kynd athlete ambassador.

“It is quite a concept,” laughs David, “especially with me as sprint runner. There are so many people who just need to understand what it can do.”

David describes his new ambassador role and his habit of promoting cannabis as “a step into uncharted territory. Just a handful of cannabis runners are putting themselves in the limelight. I know the problems it can cause.”

Still, he’s willing to put himself out there. “I want to make that first step to help generations to come,” he says simply.

We couldn’t agree more. David, welcome to the team!