The Thing about Pre-Rolls

Cannabis pre-rolls — you know, the consumer-ready joint sold at your favorite dispensary — have a reputation. And it’s not good. They’ve been called the hot dog of the industry, because while they may be cheap and convenient, they’re also largely junk. But that’s not always the case. Here’s the thing about pre-rolls

Shop Wisely

Yes, many dispensaries toss in free pre-rolls, or sell them for dirt cheap. And yes, there are some cultivators and production facilities around that are rolling low-quality trim or shake. And yes, that gives pre-rolls as a whole a bad reputation. But shopping wisely is a workaround to the good stuff.

Here at KYND, we love the idea of a discreet, disposable, sessionable pre-roll, but only when it’s done right. Joints are an iconic element in the cannabis world, and we set out to do them justice. That’s why our pre-rolls are individually rolled and weighed for consistence and reliability. It’s why we use natural, unrefined cones, and why we pack each pre-roll tightly in recyclable cardboard tubes to maintain freshness. The greater surface area of ground cannabis makes it susceptible to oxidizing, drying it faster. And that means a harsh, weak experience. Just like ground coffee will dry out much faster than coffee beans, the same is true for cannabis. The right packaging makes a big difference.

We upped our pre-roll game with our infused version. It’s the same premium flower, but our infused pre-rolls are kicked up with the addition of same-strain CO2 oil. That means serious potency, so we don’t recommend our infused pre-rolls for novice cannabis users. Oh, and we mix all our THC flower strains with CBD oil so you benefit from the therapeutic  properties.

The Pre-Roll Test

If you’re really wondering what the heck is in that freebie pre-roll you got at your last visit to the dispensary, you have a few options. First, you can sacrifice it in the name of scientific investigation — cut it open to inspect the interior, which should resemble freshly ground nugs. If it doesn’t, you didn’t miss anything by not smoking it. You can also skip cutting it open and just pay close attention when you smoke it. If you notice strong plant flavors or it stinks like a campfire, that pre-roll was probably padded with trim — no good.

Another option? Just ask for a KYND pre-roll. Works every time.

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