This is What Canna-Curious Moms Want for Mother’s Day

All moms deserve to be spoiled on Mother’s Day (May 9 – don’t forget). And we have a few suggestions for the canna-curious moms out there.

The Best Cannabis Products for Mom

If anyone deserves a little TLC, it’s all the moms out there. And as more people become educated about the benefits and facts of cannabis, more moms are seeing it for it is – a viable alternative to pharmaceuticals for everything from stress and anxiety to physical pain. Here’s what we recommend for mom this Mother’s Day (or any day):

  • Kynd Tincture – Our fast-acting sublingual concentrate comes in 100mg THC, 300 mg CBD/12 mg THC, and 200 mg/100mg THC (test results can vary, so ask a budtender for recommendations). Canna-curious moms will enjoy this super fast, super discreet, and super precise method of dosing for relaxation and knocking down anxiety and inflammation. Tell her to add a bit to a cup of tea for better sleep.
  • Kynd Balm – We talk this product up regularly because it’s such a versatile and effective product. It’s both soothing and all natural, and it can be used for skin, joint, and muscle health. Canna-curious moms can use it on sore muscles or to relieve headaches.
  • Dark and Milk Chocolate Bars – Our gourmet chocolate bars are handcrafted in small batches and expertly infused with premium cannabis oil. Canna-curious moms can use a square in a gourmet smoothie, or enjoy a piece to unwind in the evening.

A Little Reminder

Not every mom feels comfortable walking into a dispensary, but they all deserve to learn about the benefits of cannabis and how it might help specific symptoms or conditions. So this Mother’s Day, step up for your mom! This is the perfect time to talk to her about cannabis. Show her this and other helpful online articles, and invite her for an escorted visit to the dispensary. Remember, if that seems way too intimidating, everything can be delivered right to her door.

Take a beat to remind your mom that she does such a great job taking care of everyone else, and we need her to remember to take care of herself, too. Maybe cannabis is one way of doing just that.

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