Three Reasons Infused Gummies are Everyone’s Favorite Edible

If we asked you to name three cannabis edibles off the top of your head, there’s a really good chance that gummies would be on the list. But… why? What is it about the infused gummy that makes it so darn popular? Here are three reasons infused gummies are everyone’s favorite edible.

They’re So Easy

Yes, okay, infused gummies are just plain delicious. It’s a pleasure to eat a gummy — kind of a throwback to the classics from the candy store. These aren’t vitamins in gummy form — they’re chewy, juicy, delectable treats. But beyond that, they’re just an easy edible to enjoy. While edibles as a category are notoriously difficult to dose, not so with the humble gummy. They’re easily made in uniform size and shape, with exact dosing every single time. Pop a gummy, and you know what you’re getting. Plus, they’re tailor-made for microdosing — just cut up a gummy and give it a go.

Made to Go (And to Keep)

There’s nothing occasional about the gummy — you can probably eat one any time of day with no problem. While other edibles fall into snack-style foods, the gummy is great whenever. Plus, they have an impressive shelf life. There’s little concern that they’ll go stale and flavorless like baked goods, so if you’re the type to savor your edibles, they’ll be as good in a few months as they are the day you buy them.

They’re Easy on the Cultivator

Real talk — making infused gummies isn’t rocket science, and it’s an easy science to perfect. Of course, there are various versions and production methods, and some brands do it way better than others (ahem, have you enjoyed a Kanji gummy drop recently? Remember — they’re powered by KYND!), but for the most part, cultivators can churn out pretty respectable versions. There’s also room for creativity, which is why there are gummies for all kinds of specific effects. But that also means it’s important to discuss any food allergies with your budtenders before you enjoy a gummy.

Yes, in the world of edibles, it’s clear that gummies reign. And we’re fine with that!

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