Three Reasons Sativa is a Stand-Out

Ah, sativa. It’s a cool strain, right? With common descriptions that include jazzy adjectives like “uplifting” and “euphoric,” sativa is known for its ability to make you feel inspired, focused, and creative. Here are three reasons sativa is a stand-out in the world of cannabis.

Sativas can Boost Creativity

Whatever your creative endeavor, the right sativa strain can help you feel focused, productive and totally tuned in. It’s a great feeling when you’re burning the midnight oil to finish your masterpiece, be it art, a journal entry, or a project. 

So how does it work? The thought process is that sativas can enhance certain cerebral effects, opening the door for more creativity. This could be because of the anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties of cannabis — it’s a lot easier to feel creative when you aren’t stressing. And then there’s the concept of hyper-priming, which refers to the brain’s ability to find connections between unrelated ideas. One study found cannabis triggers hyper-priming, which might in turn lead to bursts of inspiration.

Sativas can be Wildly Motivating

Surprise — the strain known for being “uplifting” and “euphoric” tends to be really motivating too. The cerebral-focused effects of many sativas — the same ones that help minimize anxiety and stress, thereby boosting creativity and focus — are inherently invigorating and energizing. It’s an effect that dovetails nicely into motivation. Chalk it up to certain terpenes that are naturally energizing.

Sativas are an Ideal Daytime Option

Between the focus and the creativity and the motivation, the right sativa will help you get things done. That’s perfect when you have a busy day ahead of you, or you need a little help powering through the midday slump. 

Obligatory Qualifier

Just like snowflakes, every cannabis strain is unique. That means not every sativa strain offers identical benefits or effects. So while labels can be useful, keep in mind that they are just labels and effects can and do vary from one sativa strain to the next. If you’re chasing specific effects, as your favorite budtender for a recommendation to help you really seize the day.

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