Three Tips for Choosing the Best Flower Around

There’s something to be said for allll those flower options at your favorite dispensary. But sometimes, endless choices can end up being a little overwhelming, especially if you’re new to cannabis or not really sure what you want. To help you out, we’re sharing three tips for choosing the best flower around.

Put Your Senses to Work

While you aren’t able to sample product before you buy, you can still suss out the good stuff by fragrance and appearance. While exact scents will vary, depending on terpenes and your own preferences, there are a few key notes that tend to signal flower that’s not particularly healthy or past its best-by date. If you’re picking up on anything dull, musty, or hay-like, best to keep shopping.

From a visual standpoint, look for big buds, tight trim, and minimal trim and avoid any flower that appears to have an excessive amount of seeds and twist  Anything that looks too wet or too dry is also problematic. The former creates a breeding ground for mold and mildew, while the latter will turn to dust the second you try to grind it.

Ask Questions

Budtenders are here to help, and it’s their job to answer all your questions. Ask for recommendations, about current deals and discounts, and any educational material that they hand out. If you’re comparing a few different flower options, ask the budtender about cannabinoid and terpene profiles, and what you might expect from one or the other. Keep in mind that a budtender shouldn’t offer specific medical recommendations, but they can still give you a general idea of effects and share their own favorite strains if you’re interested.

Look for the KYND Label

If all else fails, you know KYND will never steer you wrong! We take excessive pride in our flower, so you know you’re always getting high-quality, consistent, flavorful, effective cannabis with us. Picking up any of our flower in any of our strains is an easy way to get something great, every time.

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