Vape Pens 101 – A Look at This Discreet Method of Medicating

Vape pens (short for vaporizer) are an increasingly popular way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis – without the burn. If you’re new to cannabis, you may be wondering, what are vape pens? How do they work? What kind should I use? These are good questions, so we wrote this vape pens 101 primer to bring you up to speed. Here’s what you should know about this discreet method of medicating.

KYND-lyte-vape-pensVape Pens 101 – The Vape Pen Itself

At its most basic, a vape pen is a small device that uses a battery-powered heating element to heat cannabis oil. The oil has been mixed in precise amounts with another substance to decrease viscosity. When cannabis is heated to temperatures between 300 and 450F, the cannabinoids – such as THC or CBD – are transformed into miniscule airborne droplets. This is the vapor.

Benefits of Vaping

The upshot is that by inhaling this vapor, you can avoid the clouds of smoke you’d normally create by smoking cannabis in a joint or bong – and the respiratory irritants associated with that smoke – while enjoying a highly concentrated dose of medicine to alleviate various symptoms. That’s partly why for many people, vaping is a vastly preferred method of consumption.

  • Vaping is a much more discreet method of medicating. That can help reduce the stigma associated with combustion.
  • Vaping may be a healthier way to consume cannabinoids because it doesn’t expose users to harmful toxins created from combustion. It may also be better for the lungs. A recent study followed daily cannabis smokers who switched to a vaporizer for 30 days. During that time, their lung health increased dramatically.
  • Vaping allows patients to dose more effectively than other methods of consumption, such as edibles, which require a wait-and-see approach. Once patients reach their desired effect, they simply stop inhaling on their vape pen.
  • Vaping is a portable and convenient method of medicating.

While the benefits speak for themselves, the challenge may become finding a vape pen that’s right for your needs. There are endless variations offered on the market today. So where should you start?

KYND-cannabis-vape-pensYour Vape Pen Options

At Kynd, we offer strain-specific CO2 vape oil in both disposable pens and premium cartridges for use in your own device. Kynd Lyte is our entry-level oil product, a 550mg pen made with MCT oil for a clean, light taste and high-functioning effects.

All of Kynd’s vape oils are extracted using supercritical CO2, with no hydrocarbons like butane or propane, for the purest, cleanest and most effective results. And, you can choose from over 25 strains, including indica, sativa, hybrid and CBD/THC blends. If you’re new to vaping, our pens are an ideal place to begin.