The Basics of Vape OilThe Basics of Vape Oil and Kynd’s Commitment to Crafting High Quality Medicine

Today, vape products are the fastest growing sector in the legal cannabis markets and are largely seen as the future of healthful marijuana consumption. Kynd is excited to lead efforts in research and development to bring high quality concentrates, edibles, and topical products to the Nevada patient community.

Kynd vape oil is extracted using Supercritical CO2 to selectively extract the whole plant compounds needed to bring out the essential characteristics of each unique strain. These oils will never touch hydrocarbons like butane or propane, and never need to endure the extreme temperatures of laboratory distillation techniques in order to purify the product. Kynd vape oil is pure, whole plant, medicinal cannabis concentrated for true patient enjoyment and relief. The light color and absence of plant waxes and chlorophyll in the product come from a process known as winterization. In order to further refine the vape oils without losing or stripping out its best characteristics, Kynd vape oils are also filtered extensively and rigorously tested for safety and potency.

Vaping offers the full benefits of medicinal marijuana without the harmful effects of combustion. Slow burning carbon released from plant matter or contaminated smoke from the use of butane lighters can bring a host of harmful side effects to patients that are looking to medicate without adding more complications to their ailments. By vaping cannabis oils, patients are able to enjoy the signature flavor and effects of their favorite strains without added risks. Concentrates also offer the benefit of smaller doses with higher potency, meaning patients can medicate more discretely and with less noticeable side effects like smoke odors or sticky tars and ashes on skin and clothing.

Kynd is proud to offer a full line of strain specific, premium vape oils from Nevada grown strains like Sour Diesel, Skunk No. 1, Ghost OG, Gorilla Glue #4, LA OG, and more. Kynd also offers CBD blends that incorporate the anti-inflammatory and anti-convulsive benefits from Ringo’s Gift strains along with the entourage effects from our many THC dominant strains. Kynd’s goal is to provide a broad spectrum of healthful products and help to educate consumers on the best practices for medicating in the modern cannabis markets. Sourced directly from the Kynd Cultivation facility and Processed at the Kynd Supercritical Fluid Extraction Laboratory in Sparks, NV, all of Kynd’s vape oils are extracted from large batches of whole plant material to provide the full spectrum of plant compounds. We strive to achieve a truly medicinal extraction, complete with all available cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and botanical compounds.

Kynd Cannabis Company is 100% Nevada owned and operated. Kynd’s state of the art indoor controlled agricultural environment and lab grade production facility crafts superior flowers and truly effective medicinal concentrates. With over 70 years of combined cultivation and extraction experience, Kynd is consistently a top tier producer in the state and looks forward to serving the Nevada patient community for years to come.