Ringo's Gift

Product Review: LA OG Ringos Gift #4 by Kynd

I’m all about any hash cocktail that contains CBD. Cannabidiol (CBD) enhances the taste of any dab when added to any THC concentrate. Kynd mixed up a sedative, LA OG sap with a high CBD oil to deliver one of the tastiest concentrates available in Nevada today. Appreciate the aromatic taste of lavender as soon as it hits your palate. And once the medicinal effects kick in, your head gets heavy and your sight will dim. CBD helps with pain and stimulates cannabinoid receptors which intensifies the effects of THC. What a glorious combo for a multitude of reasons. Thanks for putting this 1:1 ratio together. Let’s keep it comin!

THC: 36.01%   CBD: 37.35%

IG: @kyndcannabis