Warning: Cannabis-Infused Gummies Melt in Hot Cars!

We hit triple digits here in northern Nevada this week, and we’re adding something important to the list of things to keep out of hot cars — your cannabis-infused gummies! Consider this your official warning, because infused gummies will melt into a delicious but problematic pile of goo if you carelessly leave them in the car. And nobody wants that. We turned to the gummy professionals themselves over at Kanji for some tips and pointers.

The Trouble Starts around 90F

Around the ninety-degree mark is the start of the danger zone for infused gummies. The Kanji team notes that when it comes to storage, the cooler, the better. They recommend storing gummies in a cool, dry environment and to avoid heat sources if you don’t want to run into issues with melting. A hot car is one of the biggest culprits, alongside the patio table in the blazing sun. Heat degrades the cannabinoids and terpenes in your edibles and cannabis as a whole, so be mindful of keeping your cannabis products stored properly. Because that glorious sugar dusting on your favorite Kanji gummies is powerless against the sun!

Are Melted Gummies Really a Problem?

Well, yeah. And it’s not because that unwieldy blob looks kind of unappetizing. Infused gummies that melt together are an issue because they make it impossible to dose. Eyeballing what you think is a full or half gummy could be tricky, and it’s easy to get into trouble with edibles if you aren’t dosing properly. Far better to avoid the whole scenario and just keep those gummies cool. If necessary, bring along a cooler to keep things cool from the dispensary to your fridge, and always store your edibles responsibly. 

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