What’s the Deal with Cannabis Sublinguals?

As legal recreational and medicinal markets continue to spread across the country, more and more people are becoming aware of the surprisingly varied methods of consumption. Sure, you have your standard options, like smoking or vaping, and then there’s the rapidly growing edibles market. But the phenomenon of cannabis taken sublingually is coming into its own – and for good reason. Here’s the deal with cannabis sublinguals.

What’s a Sublingual?

Good question! A sublingual describes anything that’s applied or taken beneath the tongue. This route of medicinal administration is incredibly quick. Substances applied here diffuse directly into the bloodstream through the highly absorbent membranes under the tongue. When it comes to cannabis, effects are similar to the consistency and speed people experience with smoking or vaping – all without the inhalation process. And because a sublingual bypasses the digestive system entirely, it’s a lot faster and more consistent than anything you ingest. Plus, you avoid that unpleasant scenario in which THC may be converted into 11-hydroxy THC thanks to acids and enzymes in the gastrointestinal system. That form of THC is associated with really intense highs, and not everyone enjoys it.

Sublingual Options

Sublinguals can be found in filmy little strips or in liquid form like the Kynd Tincture. The key is remembering to put it under the tongue. A strip will slowly dissolve in a few minutes, while our tincture should be held beneath the tongue for about the same timeframe before swallowing.

Just like any cannabis product, you can find sublingual cannabis products for pretty much any effect. Kynd’s 300mg CBD tincture is designed to tackle pain and inflammation – a great alternative to OTC painkillers – and we offer 2:1 CBD:THC and 300mg THC tinctures too. The one-milligram dropper makes precise dosing simple, so you can start slow and safely find your tolerance. Plus, like cannabis sublinguals in general, our tincture is discreet.

Between their easy dosing, rapid-fire onset, and reliable consistency, sublinguals are an excellent option for novice cannabis users and connoisseurs alike. It’s no wonder that they’re finally getting their due.

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