When Less is More – The Benefits of Cannabis Microdosing

The beauty of cannabis is truly in its versatility. Whatever effect you’re chasing – pain relief, sleep, appetite stimulant or suppressant, a pleasingly buzzy high or one that’s exceptionally mellow – there’s a strain, a product, and a consumption method to achieve it. Microdosing is one of them. In an industry that often puts a premium on potency, this consumption method takes a less-is-more approach – literally.

What is Microdosing?

The name gives it all away. Microdosing is the act of taking miniscule amounts of cannabis to enjoy its medicinal benefits without dealing with the intoxicating side. Interestingly, it’s typically a reference to the consumption of THC, but in small enough quantities to avoid any cerebral effects. Some experts recommend a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD when microdosing to reap the additional benefits of the entourage effect.

Research is limited, as with all things cannabis, but there is clinical evidence to support the idea that very small doses of THC can have big health impacts, including reducing pain, promoting sleep, and even reducing the severity of specific PTSD-associated symptoms.

Microdosing is particularly appealing to people who are interested in dipping a toe into the world of cannabis, but feeling apprehensive about how to do it. It offers these folks a chance to understand how they’re personally affected by cannabis and how it might fit into their lifestyle, all without the risk of feeling overwhelmed. Think of it as mindfulness in cannabis form.

How to Microdose

kynd-cbd-tinctureLike cannabis dosing in general, there is no standard microdose that will work across the board. The goal is to find that magic minimal dose that offers a noticeable yet mild effect. And that’s different for everyone. In general, the typical microdose is between two and five milligrams, but anyone with a higher tolerance will likely consume a little more. Likewise, novice users might want to start with a single milligram. To gauge your experience, start with a low dose and take the same amount for three days. If you need to bump up a bit after that, go for it. At some point during this trial-and-error process, you’ll find that the effects aren’t as good as they were previously – a dead giveaway that you’ve passed your optimal dose.

A few cannabis products lend themselves beautifully to microdosing. Tinctures are particularly well suited, thanks to their self-titrating feature. Certain edibles can also work, although effects can take a good hour to kick in. The best plan of action is to seek low-dosage products, and a good budtender should be able to steer you in the right direction.

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