Why Cannabutter is the Secret Ingredient Your Food Needs

We love sharing recipes around these parts, and cannabutter tends to make an appearance in them. That’s because it’s a wonderfully versatile ingredient that can enhance any dish calling for butter. The key, of course, is understanding how to properly prepare cannabutter. Here’s how to do that, and why cannabutter is the secret ingredient your food needs.

Like Caffeine, But Better

People self-dose with caffeine all day long for a little boost in energy, focus, and productivity. Edible cannabis can offer the same perks without the caffeine crash, not to mention extra benefits like antioxidants — the body’s only defense against free radicals — and an impressive range of vitamins, minerals and fiber. When you do it right, cannabutter can add the right zing to your day without locking you to the sofa. And because ingested cannabis can last anywhere between four and six hours, it’s ideal if you’re looking to manage pain or stress so you can get on with your life.

The Magic of Ingested Cannabis

Ingested cannabis is its own animal. It lasts longer, as noted above, but it also takes longer to feel any effects. Those effects can also be far more intense. Chalk it up to the transformation of THC into a compound known as 11-hydroxy-THC during its trip through the liver. This new compound is slowly delivered into the bloodstream during digestion, for a low-dose, time-release effect. Ingesting too much too quickly means an unpleasant experienced all the way around, which is why the golden rule of edibles is start low and go slow.

To enjoy cannabutter properly, you need to make it properly. And like all things cannabis, that can mean some trial and error. Baking is a science, so start playing with strains and conditions to truly dial this in. You’ll need to get comfortable with the decarboxylation process, which involves heating cannabis to activate its cannabinoids. Then you’ll infuse them into the butter. We like Leafly’s tried and true tutorial for making cannabutter. Then you’ll be ready for fancy stuff like this!

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