Why Coffee and CBD are a Perfect Pair

What do you get when you take the energizing, buzzy boost of your favorite morning java with a side of cannabidiol, or as we all know it, CBD? Magic. You get magic. Caffeine and CBD go together like peanut butter and jelly — if PB&J had pain-relieving, anxiety-calming, seizure-reducing properties. Here’s why the two compounds play together so nicely.

Similar, But Different

When we talk coffee, caffeine is the star. It’s a stimulant that naturally occurs in many African and South American plants, including the coffee bean. Roasting the green beans changes the chemical and physical properties and creates that luscious, distinctive coffee flavor we all know and love. Interestingly, caffeine in plants plays a defensive role, much like the CBD in the cannabis plant. CBD is the non-intoxicating compound that can promote relaxation and calm, making it useful for managing symptoms of health conditions like anxiety, depression, inflammation, and more. And when you combine these two powerhouse compounds, there are some impressive benefits.

  • Caffeine is a mood booster — This clever little compound triggers the rapid release of key hormones in the body. If you have a coffee habit, and you need a cup of joe to get going in the mornings, you can thank dopamine and serotonin for that. That zing you get from coffee is because it also triggers the release of adrenaline and causes mild muscle contraction, making you feel alert, awake, and ready to tackle your morning.
  • CBD reduces anxiety and pain — Feeling stressed and anxious is a major mood killer with emotional and physical symptoms. A little CBD effectively knocks down anxiety, possibly by altering serotonin signals in the body. It also reduces inflammation and interacts with pain receptors in the brain to decrease pain stemming from headaches, menstrual cramps, muscle soreness, or arthritis.

While caffeine kicks in pretty much instantly, the CBD will take a little longer. Since you’re consuming the cannabis as an edible, it takes longer to be digested and absorbed. That’s a good thing — by the time the caffeine effects are beginning to wear off, the CBD is revving up!

Buy or DIY?

Ask a budtender for CBD coffee recommendation, or consider whipping up your own. You can make infused coffee a few different ways — using infused beans, adding CBD oil to your coffee, or using an infused sweetener, like honey. There are pros and cons to them all, so it’s worth playing around to see what works for you.

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